Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Dashing Drivers Food & Beverage Delivery?

We are Wenatchee's own hometown service for delivering food and beverages from local restaurants to homes, hotels and the workplace. Choose from the many restaurant partner menus to place your order, and we will dash (see what we did there?) your food to you. And if your restaurant of choice isn't yet available on Dashing Drivers' website, you can still order your food directly from the restaurant and have us pick it up and deliver it to you.

2. What forms of payment do you accept?

We are a cashless system - we take major credit cards and debit cards only. Ensuring the safety of our delivery drivers is paramount, which is why we only accept payment by credit or debit card.

3. How secure is it to use a credit card to pay for an order with Dashing Drivers?

Very secure. We use encryption to secure every transaction, and we leverage our card processing vendor to ensure every transaction complies with the latest laws and regulations.

4. What if we don't want food but want coffee drinks from our favorite coffee shop?

We can do that! Whether you are a fan of Dutch Brothers, Auto Mocha, Mela, Starbucks, or another local coffee establishment, if they either partner with us and support ordering from our website, or they support phone-in or online orders, we can pick up and deliver your drinks to you.

5. You said you deliver to the workplace?

Absolutely. Whether it's lunch for a group or maybe a round of coffee from the coffee shop, we can deliver for your group. We are fans of Venmo, which is a great way to settle up with each other afterward. Just sayin'.

6. What is your delivery area? Can I get food delivered to Cashmere/Peshastin/Leavenworth/my town?

At this time we only offer delivery in Wenatchee, Wenatchee Heights, East Wenatchee, Rock Island, Malaga, Monitor and Cashmere. However, we are committed to our area and are hopeful to expand our delivery coverage in the future. We will always limit the distance we will travel to deliver your food and beverages, however, as we owe it to you, and to our restaurant partners, to ensure your order is delivered at maximum quality.

7. How are delivery fees determined, and why does it cost more to have food delivered when the order is placed directly with the restaurant?

Our delivery fees are set to reflect the realities of getting your order from the restaurant to your location, which is to say our fees are based on distance and time. We discount our delivery fees for orders placed through our website as we have more control over the entire process for those orders. Thus we are better able to manage the logistics of getting a driver to the restaurant when the food is ready to get it to you quickly. Plus, it helps to drive more business to our restaurant partners and saves you money. That's what we call a win-win!

8. How can I track my order status after placing the order?

Once you send the order in by clicking on the order button on our website, you will be taken to a status page that will show you when the restaurant got the order, when they are working on it, when the driver arrived at the restaurant, when they are enroute, and when they have delivered your order. So you will always know what stage in the process the order is in.

9. Do you deliver more than just restaurant food? How about groceries?

Thank you! We appreciate that you are interested in having us help with other delivery needs. We offer delivery of Fred Meyer ClickList orders - you placed the order with Fred Meyer and schedule delivery through us based on when your groceries will be available for pick up. We clearly see a need for expanded grocery delivery in the Wenatchee Valley, and intend to leverage our transportation and delivery expertise in delivering groceries. We also plan to offer delivery of other goods over time, such as laundry and dry cleaning, flowers, and more!

10. Do you deliver alcohol such as beer and wine? How about cannabis?

Slow down, hotshot! Delivering these items is a bit more complicated than delivering a burrito. Yes, we hope to offer delivery services for these products in the future, but we will only do so once we are fully able to ensure full compliance with all state and local regulations controlling their delivery. Stay tuned!